11th Grade Wins Basketball Finals


The 11th grade team celebrates their championship.


The 11th Grade Basketball Team defeated the 10th Grade Basketball Team 65-47 on Tuesday, March 22. Junior Anthony Perroncino took home the MVP trophy. Coached by Ms. Gaynor and Mr. Ollivierre, the 11th grade team also included  Harold Garcia, Jakhyre Wainwright, Isaiah  Reyes. Brandon Genao, Christopher Montanez, Sean  Scott, Marques Hutchinson, Joseph  Toledo, Jahleem  Desouza, Devin  Jackson and Adrian Sadiku. The 11th grade team defeated the 12th grade team last week to make it to the finals.

Coached by Ms. Sobal and Mr. Zuniga, the 10th grade team featured Justin Blandon, Keishaun  Bowers, Mouloukou Fadiga, Jacob  Figueroa, Isaiah  Jenkins, William Lappe, Latisha  Miller, Jerome Norman, Qualik  Paniagua, Adrian  Parra, Eleonaid Ramierz and Elijiah  Sanchez. The 10th grade team beat the 9th grade team last week to make it to the finals.