Town Hall: Push-up challenge, raffles and more


Photos by Alize Stern

Students and teachers compete in a Push-Up Contest.

Town Hall is when all of the students at Bronx River High School get together in the auditorium before we go on break because of a big holiday such as Thanksgiving and Christmas to enjoy a bundle of  fun activities planned by the student council. At the gathering, students learn about upcoming trips and events. Students from each grade also receive certificates in five categories:, Love of Learning, Optimistic, Grit, Intellectual Curiosity and Caring.  Raffle drawings for prizes are held using Logic Dollars students earn throughout the year. And to wrap up the day, students are treated to a slide show highlighting school events.

During the November Town Hall, students and staff competed in a lively Push-Up Contest. The final round came down to Mr. Herguth, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Zuniga and Coach Pellettieri. The winner? The Math Department’s Mr. Zuniga! Teachers and staff also engaged in a lively dance-off and Mr. Gonzalez and Ms. Loving performed for the crowd.

The December Town hall was canceled because so many people were out with Covid. The next town Hall will be virtual on Jan. 31. See you then.



Dance-off between students and teachers.
Students celebrate their wins.
Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Loving perform.