Juggling the demands of senior year


You won’t know how much stress a senior can go through until you become one. It’s honestly a never- ending story. I’m steadily trying to maintain a good GPA in school and persistently handing in work to get into a good college and career course.

It can be really exhausting because  as soon as I’m done handing in an assignment, I’m getting pressured with another assignment, test, or a project. It really also feels like a drag to even apply to colleges when I’m not even 100% sure I want to go.  I don’t necessarily need college for my career choice; I would just need a license but when you have friends who plan on going to college and peer pressure from others telling you to get a business degree, and that it will make you look good, you get confused and stuck

Many seniors don’t even know what our passion is or even have a plan at all. A lot of people don’t realize that many seniors are also juggling mental health issues (insecurities, anxiety and depression) while trying to make it everyday and push ourselves to make it to our goals.

It can be so hard trying to maintain a good grade at school and even keep up with ourselves and self care.  This is frustrating because I am repeatedly reminding myself to try to make time for myself, get enough sleep, go to the gym, eat well, because without self care how would I even make it. Some of us are getting home tired and exhausted from practice or a long day of school and only ate once a day, then studying or doing homework. How is that supposed to be healthy for our body or the human brain, when we as humans can’t even think straight without eating or getting enough sleep? And we often don’t have  enough time to get breakfast in the morning if we’re constantly going to sleep late from a long day and waking up late and rushing to get to school early.

It’s a lot to grasp. There are still a million things that can tense up a senior. There’s only so much a senior can do though

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