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Senior Warren Brown and Juniors Kadeem Patterson and Victor Martinez after a big win at home.

Soccer Profile: Warren Brown

Warren Brown, a senior at BRHS who started playing soccer in second grade, reflects on his time playing soccer for the Lehman Lions. 

Q & A With Warren Brown, a soccer player for the Lehman Lions.

 What was your team’s record? 9-1

What position did you play? Striker.

What will you miss the most about playing soccer for BRHS? Playing with people that I created a bond with for 4 years.

What was the most challenging  thing about playing soccer for BRHS? Showing up on time

 How did you feel when you played your last game? (The undefeated Lions made to the playoffs, where they lost their first game and last game of the season.)  I was mad.  And to be honest, I was nervous that day not knowing if we were going to win or lose and everything went in slow motion.

What was it like to know you’d never get to play for your team again? At the moment when I heard the whistle blew and that the 90 minute we played was over, I wasn’t really thinking about it, until a week after it really hit me that it was our last game and not knowing if I am going to see my teammates again. But everything most come to an end.

 What do you like about the game? What I like about the game of soccer is that there are a lot of opportunities that this sport  gives you,  especially for your youth, health and friendship.  It’s more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle. It’s also a place to get free and be creative.

What is it like to be on the field? To be honest,  you get nervous for a few minutes. You can feel the wind slowly blowing past you, you can hear fans talking and all you can focus on is not wanting to mess up, like not wanting to make a mistake.  But over time,  you’ll get over the nervousness and the anxiety.

Will you continue to play soccer when you graduate from high school? Maybe. It depends on if I’m going to college or not.

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