Ms. Dolan’s Amazing Marathon

How far did she run? 26.2 miles!


File photo

Ms. Dolan shows off the medal she earned for completing the NY Marathon.


On November 7th 2021 at 8 AM, 33,000 participants took to the ground running in the 50th New York City Marathon. Among them, was Ms. Dolan, a U.S. History teacher at Bronx River High School.

When asked about her experience during this amazing challenge,  she said,  “I felt like I could have prepared more even though I was at it for months.

Ms. Dolan’s goal for this race was just simply proving to herself that she could do it. Although she said it was not easy, she trusted her training to carry her through to the end of the race. After crossing the finish line, she said that she felt exhausted but proud of herself. She was so full of emotion that she wanted to cry but couldn’t because she was just too tired.

When asked about her future plans and if she would participate again next year, she stated, “I was very tired but, in a few weeks, I want to work on what I plan to do next year.”

She also mentioned that she would like to improve on herself and continue a healthy lifestyle.