Heard In the Hallway: What Is It Like To Be Back in the Building?

Students share their views (pro and con) on their return to in-person learning this fall.

Scarlette Mazanarez, a freshman talks about being back in school this fall.
Miguel Wint, a sophomore shares his views on school this year.

 Scarlette Mazanarez, freshman:

PRO: You get to see people and improve social skills and make friends and fit in with woodpile that are like you. There are more activities. 

CON: Waking up early and getting all the way to the 4th floor, going though security, masks and bubble bags.

Miguel Wint, sophomore:

Pro:  You get to see people and friends that you interacted with online and class is much easier  I prefer work on paper than online since it’s much more common to forget than a physical copy that I know I have to complete. People that never spoke are more outspoken in school and there are social activities.

Con:  More exposure to people who may be sick. The commute home and to school is long. More drama and fights.

Azzeddin Sufyan, senior

Pro: Getting to see people in person and it’s  easier to learn. Trips and  Gym.

“It’s easy motivation  to get up when you know you’re going to see the people you like hanging out with.”

Con: Waking up early and no phone for the whole day and more of an increase in work. Wearing a mask and more risk for low grades when coming in late or not participating as much.

Giani Umanzor, senior

Pro:  More sports and physical activities. A better time structure from getting to class rather than online and better support for classwork.

“It’s a good experience, seeing friends.”

Con:  Waking up early, having to wear uniform. Phones prohibited and wearing masks all day

What do you think about being back in person this school year? Add your comments below.