Senior Stress: Class of 2022 shares insights and tips

Frustrations and tips for making it through the year

Britannia Miller, Staff Writer

Everyone believes senior year is the best because you're stress-free and only have a few classes, but they're wrong because it's the most stressful and perhaps depressing year of your life. Since Covid began, everything about high school has changed. Not only do you have to wear a mask for eight hours straight, but you also have to  climb four flights of stairs, making it impossible to breathe.  ...

Juggling the demands of senior year

Jenesi Pichardo, Staff Writer

  You won’t know how much stress a senior can go through until you become one. It’s honestly a never- ending story. I’m steadily trying to maintain a good GPA in school and persistently handing in work to get into a good college and career course. It can be really exhausting because  as soon as I’m done handing in an assignment, I’m getting pressured with another assignment, test,...

Pushing through the obstacles

Dashay Cameron, Columnist

We all have struggled and been stressed as seniors at one point and came across challenges that we thought we couldn’t handle but we pushed through those obstacles.  Being a senior can be stressful. I have to keep up with my grades to maintain a high GPA which could be a lot of stress on my end. Handing in homework on time and making sure I’m organized with all my classes has never been a p...

Focused on the future

Kayla Guerin, Staff Writer

The stress of being a senior for me is preparing for graduation and applying to colleges. Especially applying to colleges and universities. Applying to colleges is the hardest thing I've ever had to do and it’s the most stressful part. I love searching for colleges for myself but to go through the whole process of applying, the requirements and making sure you have all the information you need...

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